Anagram Scrabble Help

Anagram Scrabble Help

Scrabble is a word game that involves strategic play and building words.  When the words are formed on the board, they are linked together by letters.  Although a good grasp concerning knowledge of words is helpful, there are still many other skills that are essential to become a better than average player.  Memorization of words, especially words you do not necessarily use on a day-to-day basis, is an extremely helpful skill to have to become an advanced player.  For example, memorizing the Scrabble two-letter word list will help a player out during a game; there are 101 two-letter words that can be found in the official Scrabble dictionary.   Therefore, it is important to learn the two-letter words that are permissible in Scrabble, such as QI and ZA, in order to link words together and use difficult letter tiles such as the Q and Z.   Another word list that is helpful to remember are words with a Q but no U.  Since there are only four U tiles in a game of Scrabble, knowing these Q words will help give you a winning edge.

Your Rack :
(Use ?s for Blank Tiles.)

Prefix :       or and      Suffix :

or Anywhere :


  1. From the drop down menu, select the appropriate dictionary depending on which game you are playing and where (which country) you are playing from–TWL06, SOWPODS, OSPD4, ENABLE, OWL2.
  2. In the RACK box, enter your letters to find the best possible word by clicking on SEARCH. Use a question mark to designate a blank tile.
  3. If you want to use a specific beginning or ending for a word by using existing letters on the board, enter the letter or set of letters that your word must begin or end with in the PREFIX or SUFFIX box accordingly.
  4. Select SCORE to filter results by maximum point value, or select LENGTH to filter results by the number of letters in a word.

Strategy also involves a strong emphasis of letter and word placement on the board.
High-scoring tiles should be placed on double-letter and triple-multiplier letter squares.  For instance,  a Q tile is worth 10 points.  Thus, it is important to place this high-scoring tile on either the double-letter multiplier square or on the triple-letter multiplier square to maximize the point value of your word. Other high-scoring tiles, including the letters J, K, X, and Z, should also be treated as such.  There are also two blank tiles that are not worth any points but are very versatile since they can be used as any letter. Using these blank tiles are helpful in creating a Scrabble “bingo”, which is using all of your seven tiles in a single word play and is worth 50 additional points to the point value of the letters in the word.  Pluralization of words garners a great deal of points because it is rather easy to connect words together by simply adding the letter S.  So, if you have blank tile or the letter S, be sure to plan ahead and use these tiles when the best opportunity to form a bingo becomes available.  Certain obvious opportunities are yours for the taking, especially when an opponent creates a word that opens up a spot for you on the board to place a word over the double-word multiplier square or the triple-word multiplier square.  But if it is your turn to play and you can’t use either of the multiplier squares because you do not have the appropriate letters, a strategic defensive play would be to block this high-scoring spot by forming a word that prevents your opponent from using it to form a word.  By incorporating this basic tactic of shutting the window of opportunity for your opponent, you will have limited his or her  potential for placing a high-scoring word.  All these Scrabble strategies will help you become a better Scrabble player with higher game scores, all while improving your spelling and vocabulary skills.  There is some luck involved, of course, at the time of letter selection; however, honing your memorization and mathematical skills are a big Scrabble help in yielding the most points and winning the game.  Scrabble is not only about strategy concerning word placement and point value, but a key component of becoming an advanced Scrabble player is to learn and memorize important Scrabble word lists.