Learn Tips to Improve Your Scores in Scrabble Game

Scrabble is a famous game in the word game; everyone has played it at least once time in their life. It is a quite difficult game to win at a game. If you want to have a highest score and beat all opponents you must have a rich vocabulary that has high point. Many amateur players get high scores because they use great techniques. In this article I will talk about tips to improve your points in Scrabble game.


scrabble solverThe first tip is online tool. There are many online tools to for playing Scrabble game, one of the most popular tool that players usually use is anagrams solver. As you know, anagram is a fun and exciting method to enhance your solving skills and reasoning and improve your new words. The anagrams are phrases or words that are contained the same letters of other phrase or word.

When you get stuck at a game, anagram solvers are the best way to help you overcome difficult in playing game. An anagram solver is used to make valid words from random letters. Now, it is a helpful tool if you cannot form any valid words from the tiles you have. Based on the number of points it will give all possible results that you will have. The anagram solvers will require you to type in at least 2 blank tiles. But careful, the amount of results can reach thousands thus you should choose the best words for your tiles. Moreover, identify hooks is an important factor. Identify hooks that relate to a letter which when added to other word will make a new word. For example, with the word “host” you can change into “ghost”; this will help you to increase points.

The second tip is that organizing letters. It is a good plan for organizing your tiles in the rack. You can easily find a chance to combine 2 letter words that are exist word in the game, if you find right rack placement of these letters. If you know how to manage your rack properly, you will easily fit the letters with a specific word.

The last tip is to leave the valuable point tiles. You cannot know is there are some hidden letters that you should know to boost your points. Besides, in your game you must find out parallel words. You can earn the high points from forming words in parallel form. You can find bonus squares that help you multiply your points, especially if you put your tile in a premium square.

Now you understand tips to improve your score in playing Scrabble game, you are ready to discover into the fun world of scrabble with these tips. Learning on how you can use a useful tip in word game can help you have a good plan in playing game. You will become a pro player if you know and study these tips and techniques.

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